4 Benefits of GTR’s Delivery Service

July 10, 2024

When we call ourselves a full-service provider, we’re not just referring to our wide range of in-house services. We’re referring to the entire manufacturing experience from beginning to end. 

That’s why we’re proud to offer a delivery service to local precision machining and sheet metal manufacturing customers. GTR deploys three box trucks daily for morning and afternoon deliveries throughout New England. Here’s what you can expect when taking advantage of this service. 

What to Expect from Our Delivery Service

delivery1. Careful handling 

How many times have you received a package from a standard delivery service that was damaged upon delivery? It’s a frustrating experience that we want you to avoid. It’s not that those delivery drivers are intentionally careless; in many cases, they simply aren’t aware of what’s inside the packages they’re handling. 

Owning the delivery process gives us full control of how your parts and products are handled from loading to unloading. Our drivers know what they’re transporting and how to prevent parts and products from incurring damage in transit.

We live and breathe quality because our customers deserve the very best. Our delivery service is another way to ensure the highest quality. 

2. Flexible delivery 

Need a last-minute delivery? Need us to pick up a prototype we recently delivered to make some quick modifications at our shop? With three trucks running twice daily, chances are we can accommodate requests like these—and we can do it much more affordably than a standard delivery service. 

But when we talk flexibility, we’re also talking about our ability to accommodate custom delivery schedules. Let’s say you want to keep your inventory at a minimum. Rather than having us ship all 200 of your chassis at once, we can ship 20 at a time over a fixed period and without charging you more.

3. Minimal waste

You might be surprised to learn that we don’t use any traditional packaging supplies like cardboard or padding when making local deliveries. Our sustainable solution involves loading parts and products onto custom metro carts and holding them in place with reusable foam. 

Customers love that we can wheel the metro carts directly into their desired receiving area and safely unload their parts and products with no unpackaging or waste disposal required.

4. Affordable rates 

You’ll find that our delivery service is consistently less expensive than using FedEx, UPS, and other standard carriers. That’s because we don’t aim to profit significantly from delivery fees. Our goal is to add value for our customers, whether you’re trusting us with prototyping, sheet metal manufacturing, precision machining, or anything else.

Take Advantage of GTR’s Delivery Service

While our primary delivery area is New England, we’re happy to make custom arrangements for outside this region upon customer request. As always, if there is anything we can do to make your life easier, we’re here to help. 

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