The GTR Difference: 4 Key Ways We Support Our Customers

March 01, 2024

At GTR Manufacturing, we don’t just care about our customers. We care more

This statement might sound like lip service, but if you’ve worked with us in the past—or are one of the many customers who have maintained a 20-year relationship with us (our average customer tenure!)—then you know firsthand that our commitment to exceptional service is more than a mere slogan. 

Instead, this commitment is our guiding principle, the foundation of every project we undertake, and why our customers keep coming back for our sheet metal manufacturing services, year after year.

Here are some of the key ways GTR provides customers with an exceptional level of customer service.

#1: We’re Problem Solvers 

In most custom sheet metal fabrication shops, you can expect to receive precisely the parts you ask for—no questions asked. While that might sound fine on the surface, it becomes a different story entirely when you realize those parts weren’t what you were expecting and that you just wasted a great deal of time and money. 

At GTR, we do things differently. When you submit a request for a quote, we’ll take the time to evaluate your model before we send your order through to our shop. If we have any questions or concerns about your part design, we’ll pick up the phone and let you know. 

By engaging with our customers up front and working closely with them to offer Design for Manufacturability (DFM) suggestions, we help ensure that our customers get the exact parts they need the first time around. 

#2: We Put Our Customers’ Needs First 

When sheet metal fabricated parts reach a certain point in the production cycle, adjusting the part design can be challenging. In fact, most custom sheet metal fabrication shops would politely refuse such a request and proceed with the production process—even though the parts no longer meet the customer’s needs.

Lucky for one GTR customer, we aren’t like most shops. 

When one customer called us to discuss a design revision well after their parts were in production, we could have said, “No.” But why say “no” when we can say “yes”

Instead of making excuses to avoid implementing the customer’s requested changes, we worked together as a team, had a few hard conversations, and got the job done. In doing so, we helped establish trust with this customer and positioned ourselves as a vendor they can rely on. 

#3: We’re Responsive

customersWe have always believed that our success hinges not only on what we do but also on how we do it. With that in mind, our mission at GTR is to go beyond delivering quality parts; we also seek to build relationships with the customers we serve.

This level of service translates into a responsive and personal way of doing business with our customers. Whether you call or email us, you can expect to communicate directly with a member of our team instead of a faceless answering service. 

Our responsiveness allows us to address needs quickly, collaborate effectively, and foster strong working relationships with our customers. 

#4: We’re a Full Service Provider

While we are widely known for our sheet metal manufacturing services, over the past 50 years, GTR Manufacturing has grown to offer so much more. 

From custom sheet metal fabrication services to rapid prototyping and CNC machining, we provide a full suite of manufacturing services that will take you from initial prototype to production. (We also provide finishing and electromechanical assembly services!) 

By offering such a wide range of services under one roof, we can maintain full control over quality, cost, and production timelines. As we continue to grow and expand our business, we do so with one primary goal: to provide our customers with the highest levels of service. 

Elevating Customer Service Through Continuous Improvement

At GTR Manufacturing, our commitment to customer service is embedded at every level of our custom sheet metal fabrication shop—from the senior leadership team to the shop floor. As a team, we are dedicated to doing whatever is best for our customers, and that starts with getting to know them better.

As a GTR customer, you can expect us to reach out to ask for your candid feedback about our service or to schedule a time to visit your facility so that we can learn more about your needs and pain points. We then use that information to continuously improve our processes in service of you, our valued customer. 

Have you experienced the GTR difference? Reach out and request a quote today.