Electromechanical Assembly

Box Build Assembly

Electromechanical box build assembly services from the routine to the highly-complex. Complete sub assembly, full chassis population, and rigorous testing all performed in-house.

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One-source Box Build Assembly Services

As part of our suite of turnkey electromechanical assembly services, GTR Manufacturing offers full procurement of every component required for your box build assembly. Our team performs box building services from the simply straightforward to the highly complex with complete sub assembly, full chassis population, and cable and wire harness assembly all performed in-house.

What’s more, GTR Manufacturing offers rigorous and thorough sheet metal prototyping, testing, and quality control processes before our customer’s box builds are scaled to mass production. Our one-source approach reduces lead times while ensuring quality control throughout the entire electromechanical assembly and fabrication process — creating and delivering specialized box build assemblies with which other sheet metal manufacturers cannot compete.

Box Building Features

Box Building Features

Engineering Support
Inventory Control
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Box Build Assembly Applications

GTR Manufacturing is proud to manufacture essential products across diverse industries:

  • Medical devices
  • Powered specialty carts
  • Heating and cooling systems (including drug discovery equipment)
  • Varied-sized chassis–rolling or stationary
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Box Building Equipment

Our cutting-edge technology ensures the quality of your box builds:

  • Terminators
  • Strippers
  • Soldering

Product Testing

GTR Manufacturing can perform hi-pot, continuity, capacitance, resistance, and point-to-point tests. We also have the capability to configure and manufacture interface cables for our Cable Eye test stations.

We use various test equipment, including oscilloscopes, signal generators, variable power supplies, current and voltage meters, variacs, and isolation transformers. We make custom test fixtures to the specific needs of our customers’ products and provide test reports when requested.


Engineering Support

GTR Manufacturing’s experienced engineering department can quickly support your concepts and design changes while maintaining revision control. We will work with your team to deliver quality parts at competitive costs.

Our sales, management, and engineering teams have experience in a wide range of industries and understand the changing needs of all of them. We work in close partnership with our clients in developing and refining products and production process planning to simplify manufacturing and create cost savings for your end product.

We have the capability to import and unfold your 3D models ( .dwg, .step, .iges, .sldasm, .ldprt, .dxf) built in Solid Works, Pro/E, and other modeling software. The model is unfolded and downloaded directly into the CAM process, reducing errors and assisting in short lead times for your sheet metal parts.



By using the Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory strategy, GTR Manufacturing schedules production to meet your ordering needs. We reduce costs by carrying less idle inventory, resulting in a quality product that is delivered on time at a lower price.

We pair JIT with the Kanban technique to manage our highly-efficient development process. We establish minimum and maximum quantities, fulfilling customer needs on a pull system. This method empowers us to reduce inventory for customers and suppliers and use lean production practices. In addition, we have full insight into your pipeline through an online portal, ensuring it’s always full.

Is GTR’s Box Build Assembly Service Right For Your Next Project?

  • Is your business in need of electromechanical assembly that meets strict industry requirements?
  • Have other manufacturers looked at your blueprints and ruled that your systems are “too difficult” or complicated to create?
  • Are you looking for a straightforward box build but are surprised at how long the lead times are?

We are proud to simplify the precision sheet metal manufacturing processes by offering electromechanical assembly under the same roof as our other premium services.

Our end-to-end capabilities speed up project timelines by lowering the risk associated with relying on external supply chains and give us complete oversight and control over the entire production process—ensuring uncompromising quality.


Our Promise

Box Build Assembly Guarantee

We haven’t built a semi-centennial (50-year-old) business by just making parts alone; our success is equally measured by the trust our clients continually place in us generation after generation.

Leading the industry with the widest range of world-class precision sheet metal fabrication capabilities under one roof is only one of the many benefits of choosing GTR Manufacturing for your next Box Build Assembly or other fabrication project.

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Manage one vendor, write one P.O., and hold only one party accountable to your project's timeline. Only thing left is to decide what to do with all that extra free time.

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We've got the widest range of world-class precision sheet metal fabrication services under one roof. Got a need for speed? Having autonomy over the entire production process means you get the best of both shorter lead times and uncompromising quality.

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Leading the industry for 50 years, we have earned an equal-parts reputation for time-tested reliability and forward-thinking ingenuity. We're meticulous engineers and expert craftsmen with a set of unmatched tools and experiences under our belt.

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