4 Reasons to Work with GTR from Prototype to Production

February 12, 2024


In the complex world of custom sheet metal fabrication, GTR Manufacturing keeps

 your experience simple. We’ve spent 50 years developing a robust array of manufacturing capabilities to provide single-source solutions from prototype to production.

As our sheet metal shop grew, we noticed that quoting and lead times for prototypes slowed down. So we came up with a solution: we built GTR ProtoPlus, a fully equipped facility dedicated to rapid sheet metal prototyping services.

Our facilities work together to provide superior prototype-to-production services.

The Advantages of Working with GTR from Prototype to Production 

When customers engage with us from part conception to the production run, the GTR team is empowered to provide a seamless manufacturing experience. Our facilities use the same engineering software and equipment, enabling efficient transitions from prototyping to production and minimizing risk for customers.

Customers who partner with us for the entire manufacturing process benefit in these critical ways: 

1. Optimized part designs

When customers collaborate with GTR up front, we use our vast engineering experience to solve potential design issues before manufacturing begins. We consider factors like fit, form, and function, applying DFM best practices in each recommendation we provide.

2. Rapid lead times and low costs

When our team is already familiar with your part from prototyping, we can quickly scale for large-scale production. We dive into manufacturing confident the part is already optimized for manufacturability, which keeps lead times short and costs low.

3. Confidence every step of the way 

Working with GTR from the ideation stage reassures our customers we have their best interests at heart. We go the extra mile to establish a strong relationship built on mutual trust. You’ll get the opportunity to witness our capabilities and expertise first-hand as we work with you to perfect your part. When the part goes to production, you’ll have the peace of mind that the final parts will exceed your expectations.

4. Minimal project management

GTR’s full-service capabilities ensure we can handle every step of your part production, so you don’t have to worry about tedious project management. Our experienced team performs all processes in-house, from chem film to hardware insertion. Even for the most complex parts, your experience is simplified.

Case Study: How GTR Took a Medical Product from NPI to Production

Recently, we worked with a medical company that had taken over manufacturing a challenging product from Israel. Our engineers noticed the sample part the company provided us didn’t match the prints, so they reverse-engineered the part. 

Our team also learned the customer had to file down hardware to fit the part and that they were receiving parts with inconsistent paint colors from their previous supplier. 

Instead of moving on to production, we notified the customer about the sample discrepancy and collaborated to find a solution. We then leveraged our finishing capabilities to match the paint and update the print to ensure consistency.

We made prototypes at ProtoPlus, and once the print reflected what the customer wanted, we were ready to move seamlessly into production at our main facility.

Choose GTR for Your Rapid Sheet Metal Prototyping Needs

We set our customers up for success using our extensive capabilities and DFM knowledge. When you work with GTR to take parts from prototype to production, you can feel confident that your part is optimized for the best quality, cost, and lead time.

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