5 Ways GTR Prioritizes Quality in Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

January 08, 2024

At GTR, quality assurance is more than another box on a checklist.

qualityEveryone at GTR, from part-time machinists to corporate executives, takes responsibility for the quality of our parts—and likewise, pride in a job well done. An exemplary production run is a win for the whole company, and customers see that belief reflected in our work.

Our team’s dedication to producing high-quality parts aligns the company from top to bottom. Quality is one of our six company values, and we strive to emulate those values in everything we do. 

But we’re not just going to tell you that we value quality. Instead, we’ll outline five reasons why GTR’s quality assurance stands out in the precision sheet metal fabrication industry. 

(Because yes, our quality standards apply to our blogs, too.)

How GTR Ensures Quality Parts for Every Customer

When our whole team is involved with quality assurance, it’s hard for mistakes to slip through the cracks. That’s why, despite being a large manufacturer that handles sizable production runs across 52 capabilities, our part return rate is less than 1%.

Here are five ways GTR prioritizes quality in precision sheet metal fabrication:

1. Certifications and registrations

GTR produces many mission-critical parts used in high-end applications. Our customers tend to have stringent requirements–especially those in the medical industry—and we strive to exceed expectations.

Here are three areas where we’re certified: 

  • ISO 9001:2015. GTR has thorough procedures to achieve and maintain ISO certification. We undergo frequent audits by both internal and agency auditors to ensure we meet the rigorous standards of ISO 9001:2015.
  • ITAR. While primarily for our customers in the defense industry, the high standards we maintain to earn ITAR registration benefit all customers.
  • Certified welders. Several of our welders must regularly pass tests in structural steel and sheet metal welding administered by accredited institutions to maintain their certification.

Even if we don’t hold a certain certification, chances are high that we still comply with the standards. For example, many of our medical customers require that their suppliers be ISO 13485 certified. Even though we don’t hold that certification, we still comply with the requirements to meet customers’ needs.

2. Rigorous quality control

Our machine operators work with our quality team to ensure the parts we produce meet (or exceed) customers’ requirements. Parts undergo first-piece inspection after every operation, and the first part in a run must be approved by one of our six quality inspectors before production continues.

Once parts reach final inspection, our inspectors randomly sample parts according to the customer’s first article requirements. GTR continuously invests in top-line inspection equipment, from micrometers to laser QC scanners.

We have a large quality assurance team to ensure we catch every potential problem by final inspection. In the sheet metal industry, hardware issues most often lead to failure, so we employ an inspector dedicated to inspecting 100% of our hardware in the final inspection.

Additionally, we employ two senior-level inspectors with decades of experience in the industry. These inspectors use their knowledge to maintain highly precise quality standards across GTR’s production line.

3. Continuous, company-wide training

At GTR, we train all our employees in quality assurance—not just the quality team. We set a baseline to have a certain percentage of employees trained at all times. The timeline to train every new employee in our quality standards is often as short as six months.

We use various training tools, including video and hands-on training, and consistently evaluate ways to improve. GTR makes this training a priority because having our machine operators trained well in quality assurance is crucial to maintaining our high level of quality.

4. Top-down commitment to quality 

GTR’s upper management strives to foster a team-based environment that focuses on solutions instead of playing the blame game. If something goes wrong on the shop floor, operators feel comfortable discussing it openly because, no matter what it is, we tackle and overcome issues as a team.

Additionally, the management team has a daily meeting to discuss the day’s problems, including rejects, part issues, and more. Auditors frequently remark on how involved our upper management is in the daily operations of our shop. Still, at GTR, it just makes sense—we know quality is everyone’s responsibility.

5. Range of in-house sheet metal manufacturing services

We provide 52 precision sheet metal fabrication capabilities, from box builds to metal finishing. We can meet almost any customer need in-house, giving us unparalleled control over part quality from start to finish. 

We have intensive quality control in every department, with a special focus on our wire harness assemblies. Like our hardware assemblies, we have a dedicated quality assurance team member for wire and cable harness work due to its highly technical nature.

When customers work with GTR, parts don’t need to be shipped back and forth across the country for different processes. Thanks to our extensive in-house capabilities, we can complete even the most complicated products in our facility.

Choose GTR for Unparalleled Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

At GTR, we live and breathe quality. We specifically designed our manufacturing processes for high-quality production, and our inspections go beyond what’s necessary to ensure customers receive what they deserve—the very best.

For exceptional attention to quality, look no further than GTR. Request a quote today.