Powder Coating

powder coating

GTR Manufacturing offers full powder coating services, a great compliment to our painting services, providing a quality finish.

The powder coating process uses very fine, dry particles of resin with the pigment color of your choice. The resin powder is applied with an electrostatically-charged spray gun, similar in concept to applying solvent-based paint.

When the resin powder is sprayed onto metal, it sticks because it’s grounded, attracting charged resin powder like a magnet. The charged powder adheres to the metal and is then melted by baking at 380 degrees Fahrenheit in special industrial-sized ovens. The melted resin fuses to the metal, providing a uniform, thick and durable finish.

The result is a strong durable finish that is resistant to chemicals, wear, and chipping.


  • (1) 11’x10’ x 6’ Oven
  • (1) 7’x 6’x 6’ Oven

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