Painting & Powder Coating

GTR Manufacturing are the experts in painting and powder coating in many different industries. We provide industrial painting, military coating, powder coating, and silk screening in our 10,000-sq ft. dedicated area.

Our finishing department features preparation with chemical film (mil-dtl-5541F) types I & II (RoHs) or iron phosphate (TT-C-490 Type 2) and masking. We prep sheet metal, plastic, fiberglass, castings, and machined parts using a series of cleaning, degreasing, and precision masking techniques.

Choose from a wide range of polyurethanes — Polane T-Plus, Polane S Plus, Polane G plus.

In the powder coating process we use epoxy, hybrid, urethanes and TGIC-free polyesters. Smooth, textured, wrinkle and matte finishes are all available.

Additional capabilities include custom color matching available in small batches, filling of voids, studs, seams, and surface blemishes to improve aesthetics. We partner with outside finishing companies to provide all types of electro-plating including anodize, zinc, Teflon and more.

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