metal painting services

GTR Finishing provides fully-painted parts in custom colors, which includes silk screening, decals, labeling, and plating.

We maintain and operate a facility exclusively dedicated to painting — something other fabricators may have to subcontract. By finishing products in-house, we eliminate extra handling costs and time-consuming transfers, while ensuring high quality standards and strict delivery schedules.

Additional capabilities include a complete line of spray finishes for metals, plastics, and fiberglass with expertise in both maintaining texture consistency and chip-matching; iron phosphate, cleaning and expertise in masking and filling voids, studs, seams, and surface blemishes with exceptional care.

We also have experience with polyurethane enamels, military coatings, epoxies, Polane T Plus, and water-based baked enamels.


  • (3) 10’ x 8” x 8” Paint Booths
  • (2) 8’ x 8” x 8’ Paint Booths
  • (1) 11’x10’ x 6’ Oven
  • (1) 7’x 6’x 6’ Oven

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